This Friday Meet the Green Brook Township Committee Candidates

Frustrated by the continual rise in your property taxes?

Do you truly believe that by re-electing the same people that have raised your taxes countless times, things will change in the future?

Meet candidates Tom Tsivgas and Dave Breen on Friday, October 5, 2012, 7:00pm at the home of Steve Mongon and Diane Eisen, 45 Spruce Hollow Road. Tom and Dave have fresh ideas to slow down this seemingly never ending tide of tax increases.

Residents from the Top of the World neighborhood attended the Green Brook Township Committee meeting in August to ask about tax increases, but unfortunately answers were non-existent from Boccio and Herrmann.

Elect officials that WILL be accountable to you, and WILL have straightforward answers for you. Vote Tsivgas and Breen on November 6.

Dave Breen

Dave Breen, Candidate for Green Brook Township Committee

Tom Tsivgas, Candidate for Green Brook Township Committee

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