2018 Candidates

Meet Our 2018 Candidates for Township Committee



Bryan Murdock

Bryan Murdock has resided in Green Brook since 2007 with his wife and son, a student at Watchung Hills RHS. He is active as an assistant coach in the Watchung Hills Soccer Association.

Bryan is the Director of the Center for Community Engagement at Montclair State University where he develops and administers  programs that annually engage over 1030 students and faculty members in community-based learning and research activities. Previously he worked as a pipe fitter and served as the director of the Texas Education Agency Homeless Assistance Program and as a Redistricting Analyst for the Texas House of Representatives.

He is a graduate of Camden County Vocational Technical High School and holds a B.A. in political science from Austin College.  He completed his graduate studies in environmental policy, water resource management, and wetlands protection at the University of Texas at Austin.

“With roots as a tradesman, I worked my way through college to focus on public policy, environmental protection and civic engagement. From helping homeless children gain an education to connecting students today in community based learning and research activities; I have dedicated my career to helping others. As a Green Brook Township Committee member, I want to bring that civic engagement back to the community.”  –  Bryan Murdock


Arthur Goodman


Arthur Goodman is a long time resident of Green Brook where he and his wife raised their family. Arthur currently serves on the Green Brook Township Board of Education. He is employed by AT&T.




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